Kamelia Hadjiiska

  • Masters Degree in Psychology – Sofia University
  • Psychodrama-therapist – training program at “Psychotherapy 2000” Foundation
 Professional Experience

2005 to present

  • Psychologist and psychotherapist on private practice – working with individuals and organizations in the field of psychological health; organizational counselor and trainer in soft skills.


Psychologist at the Institute of Psychology at the Ministry of Domestic Affairs, Bulgaria, working in various positions and units:

  • Expert psychologist at the Psychological Assessment Unit responsible for the psychological examinations of candidates for Police jobs;
  • Psychologist at the Psychological Education Unit conducting lectures and communication trainings for the Police Academy – stress management skills, communication skills;
  • Psychologist at Stress Management Unit helping Police Officers to cope with professional stress;
  • UN Peace Keeping Officer – UNMIK (United Mission in Kosovo) – as a CAST officer (Counseling and Support Team officer) and Deputy Chief of the Unit.

Affiliate to the international consulting organization PPC Worldwide for their clients working on the territory of Bulgaria.